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Need a little more detail?

Please fill in all fields, and then once you're ready - click the 'Register' button on the toolbar. If you need more help, please click the 'Help' button on the toolbar.
Your username doesn't have to be your email address - but it is recommended. We'll send an activation email to the supplied address, so please make sure it's valid.
We won't pass your details on to anyone else - but we may use them to send you occasional updates on Qixol products.

Sample Data
Sample configuration data includes default delivery methods, customer types and store/channel information.
Sample products make it quick and easy to get up and running fast. You can import your own products at any time in the Configuration area.

Evaluation restrictions
Evaluating companies get full access to the software for the duration of the 30 day trial period, without any restrictions on functionality. The only restrictions are on the number of promotions, products and users that can be created.